Time for change!


The human body is a funny old thing!
It  likes to keep things balanced, it likes consistency!
The body hates change and attempts to avoid it at all costs, even if the change is in it’s best interest; all it understands is something has changed, something is different, which means it must be wrong, because it doesn’t understand it and will fight to maintain what it’s accustomed to!

eg 1/ Giving up smoking.

Firstly, if you’re giving up these nasty toxic sticks of poison…..well done!!!
As a smoker, your body will have been given a regular supply of Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, tar and a whole other cocktail of chemicals.
During your time smoking, your body will have re-educated itself to function and even enjoy the chain of unnatural reactions caused by these chemicals…..it becomes ‘normal’ to the body!
So, when a smoker makes the great decision to give up, the biggest problem faced is the body’s response to the removal of these chemicals.
If the body of a smoker doesn’t get the nicotine and chemical fix, it feels off balance, out of sync and it doesn’t know what to do, so it sends out stress hormones  and even though it’s better for the body not to smoke,  the body just wants things ‘back to normal’ , regular and consistent again!

eg 2/ Cutting out processed sugars and fats (trams-fats)

All those that have complete one pic our 6 week program’s will tell you that the first 2 weeks are always the most enjoyable!
Largely because when they begin to eat clean and remove all the nasty additives and sugars from their diet, they can experience head aches, dry mouths and disrupted sleep patterns.
These are yet again another exams of how our body responds to the changes and it’s dislike to these alterations!

eg 3/ Exercise

You may find you experience similar aide effects from your body when you start exercising; if your body is not accustomed to being active and , you may feel nauseas for the first few times! You may experience dizziness, or see sparkly lights!
This is NOTHING to worry about is simply the body is saying “What the hell is this???? I want to be on the sofa where I’m happy and the place I’m used to”
But don’t give up, and don’t let that put you off! Eventually your body will give in and realise that it functions better and more efficiently with the right nutrition and exercise  ….and that’s the point where you’ll discover you’ve got the BC Rev Bug!

Your body will become addicted to the ‘happy’ hormones your brain releases after and during exercising, you’ll become stronger, the heart and cardiovascular systems will function more efficiently, you’ll benefit from a heightened metabolic rate and you’ll feel like a new person 😊

On average, the body takes around 3 weeks to ‘reboot’ and rebalance itself, and by week 6, it will be totally settled and it will all become second nature and your body won’t fight back any longer as it won’t know any different! It will have become the NEW NORM!!