The Beast Within

Does the thought of your next OCR fill you with fear? For many, there isn’t that exhilarating anticipation, there is nothing bit dread as the impending race date looms?

If this sounds familiar for you, here’s why and how to find help from your BEAST WITHIN!

We’ve all encountered those times….From the ‘frozen to the spot moment’ when we are over come with all consuming fear, facing a threat of something unknown, our bodies swamped by the pure, primal response to survive.
To the fearless, adrenaline fuelled, ‘throw caution to the wind’ event, which fills us with exhilaration and the child like sense of immortality, which leaves us feeling more alive than ever before!

These basic primal programmings are hidden within us all, along with many other primal responses, which were written in our genes when time began.
So here’s how to use these primitive reactions to train better, to train harder and to emerge a better, stronger, more focused you!

All these primal responses; fear, exhilaration, anger, distress to name but a few, are all simply a chemical chain reaction, created by your brain, of which, you have total control over when you understand the process your body goes through!

Simply put, our bodies are amazingly pieces of kit! A basic blue print of perfection! Programmed with everything it needs to survive and thrive.
Your amazing body performs miraculous feats every day; it fights off evil attackers in the form of infection, it regenerates, recovers and repairs, it’s internal cooling system is beyond high tech and your cardiovascular system is nothing short of a miracle!
But, millions of years of society growth has caused a big distortion in how we eat, hunt, and live, but our bodies haven’t changed and in reality, it’s so simple to gift your body with what it requires and is designed to do and we can use these primal instincts to become better in so many ways!

No matter, where you are on your journey, you have all the tools and abilities to be better, stronger and closer to your goals

Whether you chose to get stuck in to a Bootcamp or gym session, decide to negotiate a mixed terrain, cross country run or prefer to battle the streets of a city on your bike, there’s one thing you should be ………and that’s proud of yourself!
You took up a challenge, and faced it head on, achieving something amazing!

Obstacle Course Races are one of the most physically demanding events, requiring speed, power, strength, agility, endurance, stamina, flexibility, core strength, and above all….a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)!!

How you condition your body for these events is vital.

OCR runners are muscular, powerful and agile, while still able to run distances at speed!
Their upper body strength has been specifically conditioned to carry their own body weight with ease!
Their core strength and ‘piston’ power enables them to effortlessly manoeuvre their body weight through any substance be it water, mud, clay or marsh land.
Their agility and flexibility allows them to traverse any obstacle with ease while their PMA, is built upon the friendships, team work and support generated from their training source!

OCR requires you to tap in to something totally primitive, from millions of years ago, when running, jumping and climbing was a requirement of every day living, so something that came naturally

By embracing your primitive characteristics, and ignoring those mental doubts which shout at you, making you feel fearful, start to listen to your natural instincts, which will guide you safely through to success.
Keep your body, mind and soul in perfect balance by stripping back to your basic being!
Here’s how to release your inner beast and become a better, more primal you!

Create more balance in yourself and the world:

> Eat as nature intended; leafy green veg, clean protein in the form of meat, fish and eggs, snack on fruit, nuts and seeds.
> Indulge in your natural environment and mimic your primal forefathers; lift, climb, jump, run!
> Give your body a natural boost by using your fundamental responses;
> fight or flight adrenalin rushes,
> eat for fuel not for fun/boredom/depression
> Get outside, no matter why the weather
> Sleep with the lunar cycle – sleep on the dark, rise with the birds!
> If you’re male; be an alpha! Protect, hunt and gather!
If you’re female, mother, provide, nurture and support your clan.
By performing the role you created online with nature, you generate feelings of purpose, well being and contentment
> Keep balance in your life; primal man hunted and rested – take time for you!

The human race may have have advanced technology, over the millennia, but you are essentially the same as your forefathers, don’t ever lose sight of the amazing purpose of you!

Set free your inner beast and set free a stronger, better you!