Their journey. Their Words. Their Revolution.

5 ***** all the way!! Love this place! Love the attitude and love their belief in me that I can do it!! Everyone should join and feel amazing about themselves!

Joanne Poole

Awesome place for all abilities, excellent assault course, great PT's friendly and very knowledgeable. Have gained so much from going x

Rachael Roughan

Amazing place! I love it! Recommend it to everyone to try!

Lauren Hutley

*****5star!!!! amazing bootcamp everyone is friendly and really supportive 🙂 want to be part of a team this is the team for you ...

Lisa Barnes

I walk away from every session feeling exhilarated! I cannot recommend bc rev highly enough - the pt's are spot on and every one that attends motivates you to push on - absolutely fantastic

Julia Staples

Superb training and array of classes for all abilities. Joined at over 20% bodyfat and now at 13%....Excellent friendly trainers who really know their game.

Ed Sawkins

Once you've had your free trial you'll be hooked

Jenna Kay

5* BC Revolution. At last I've found a form of exercise I enjoy! LOVE it :0)

Becky Hopkins

These guys have changed my attitude to fitness and working out.... for life! It's 5***** from me. Thank you BC REVOLUTION x

Laura Fox

5***** stars friendly, knowledgeable, and awesome. Proud to be a part of the revolution

Shaun Marshall

Awesome ! Natures gym with no two sessions ever being the same. Fab PT's , great fun supportive community. Come play 🙂

Ray Webster

Awesome place 🙂 Great support and the best place to get fit in Essex 😀

Maria Nichol

Better than any gym: Great PT's, Great assault course, Great toy's, Great people, Great fun, Great fitness..... GET ON IT!

Dan Bambridge

Brilliant place to work out without worrying about child care! Very welcoming and supportive 🙂

Emily Holmes

5* love my bootcamp!! 🙂

Ruth Stearn

.give it a try you have nothing to lose only inches!! The amazing PT's helped me reach my goal and could help YOU too x

Sharon Robinson

These guys are amazing! They have helped me to get fit whilst making classes fun and a good laugh! Highly recommended 😀 xx

Jess Barnard

Brilliant excercise and healthy eating tips that actually work x

Lily Spencer

completely changed my attitude towards exercise. love love love it

Stacey Riley

5 Stars from us - simply the best! Whatever your goals are you can achieve them at BC Revolution - weight loss, muscle gain, become an OCR athlete, marathon train, nutrition plans - its all there!! Luke & Bex

Luke & Bex Lawrence

Bc revolution is perfect for me. It's 10 minutes drive and the closest fitness centre to me. All their sessions are fantastic. And I am becoming addicted to fitness. All the trainers are lovely people. 5 stars

Daniel Le Winton

Love it!!!!! Great people!! The best form of exercise I have ever done and more importantly ever stuck to!! Simply the best decision I have made to join bc revolution

Chloe Daniels

went for the first time today , was really good! everyone was friendly but now aching like a b***h ! suppose that's good though!

Amie Blackburn

Love BC Revolution lovely staff and excellent facilities have made some good friends too

Kimberly Bickmore

Friendly, fun, exciting- what better way to get fit!

Lorraine Watts

Incredibly motivational without intimidation, really lovely group of people too. Lots of fantastic hints and tips.

Lauren Koster

The only place to meet great people, have loads of laughs and get fit and healthy all at the same time. Don't think about it....just do it.....you won't regret it!!! 🙂

Anna Bambridge

Team FitMix enjoyed a fantastic morning with Emma. She was hugely motivational & informative out on the course. I now know how to safely dismount a huge wall rather than just hanging and waiting for helping hands to lower me down. Lots of muddy fun. We'll definitely be back for more.

Team FitMix

Loved the Kettle Bell Core class tonite. Thank you PT Em for leaving your little man when he has been so ill. Xx

Julie Cordery

Superb place, OCR training days are excellent and the BC Rev Beast which is a serious step up is superb. Very friendly people and a great environment to train and learn. Well worth it.

Matt Stewart

Such lovely people, amazing training & always leave feeling amazing!! Would definitely recommend to anyone, whether you enjoy 'exercise' or not!!

Paige Hornabrook

Friendly, experienced and fun environment to train at. Hired the whole venue for an Obstacle technique training day next month - can't wait!

David Allcorn

Awesome place to workout, friendly and helpful. Something a little different from the run of the mill Gym! Keep it up guys!!!!

Ryan Smith

Great for in between Ocr races and wanting to get yr muddy fix on non race weekends.. Great atmosphere and friendly bunch 🙂

Morag Logan

Great fun, with excellent support. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging despite it being our first time there. A+

Ignatious Isumbard Vincent

Can't speak highly enough about the people and the facilities. Really friendly and knowledgable

Kelly Aspinall

Amazing support Amazing training Best place to get fit and feel Amazinggggg

Emma Spurgeon

Great people and such fun! I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Johanna Deason

First bit of strenuous exercise I've done since Christmas and I loved it! Really supportive instructor and group 🙂 highly recommended

Jay Ryan

Amazing people and great classes. Has change my outlook on exercise. Would highly recommend

Tracy Beck

Great place, it's one of those things everyone should try 🙂

Holly Le Winton

Kb core another amazing session from the bc rev team. Also talk about dedication, pt em and pt mitch you guys are heros for tonight . ☆☆☆☆☆

Charlie Nash

Loved it this morning! Can't wait to go again Monday!!

Dahna Anderson

Give it a try. You won't regret it! So much fun!!

Louise Rush

Having a fab time!

S Lew Po

Best Bootcamp around x

Irene Parrish

What an awesome team these guys are. Fantastic support, encouragement and they get you round, over and through everything. Fantastic.

Rebecca Bragginton

Awesome time at Bootcamp loads of advice and good tips, can't wait to put it into practise now!!

Katy Williamson

Great to meet everyone at Muddy Race Training (run at and by Bootcamp Revolution) today! Learnt a new motto as well as tips on technique: Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

Chris Boardman

Great people and great classes, both indoors and out. Can't recommend them enough!!

Lorraine Walker

Life Changing Nothing Less

Danny Burch

Fab trainer and no need for childcare! I can barely walk today (the day after boot camp) so what more can I say!?

Brie Bailey

Legends. Great trainers and very accommodating/welcoming. Great guys.

Jack Robinson Corrigan