Strangely Empowered


My names Emz…and I’m a hoarder!

For many years, I have attempted to clear my home of clutter; unwanted toys, unworn clothes, shoes that have never experienced the thrill of a scuff or the loving touch of a pavement!

What ever the reason, I have never been able to bring myself to let go of my materialistic love affair I have with these items, which has resulted in over stuffed wardrobes, more shoes than I could ever wear in a life time and more clutter than my local storage facility.

But this all changed recently with one simple meeting, which has changed my beliefs in materialistic belongings, and a change of heart I will be eternally grateful for!
And here’s why!

On a recent trip to the local supermarket, I bumped into an old acquaintance; a lady I had come to know over 10 years ago, in my role as her daughters dance teacher.

We exchanged updates of our lives and our children’s accomplishes, amazed by how much they’d grown, now young adults themselves.
She began to explain how her career had led her to become a councillor at a local woman’s refuge, and the distressing, heart breaking stories she heard on a daily basis from the women that sought safety for themselves and their children at the facility.
I couldn’t help but be touched by the stories she relayed to me!

Several days later, as I began yet another attempt at clearing my house of unworn clothes and untouched toys, I had a revelation!
For the first time ever, I realised I could let these items go, simply because I knew the people they would be going to, truly had nothing and needed them more than I ever did!
They had left their Homes, their belongings, their lives, in nothing but the clothes on their backs. Their babies had left behind their favourite teddy bear, their beloved toys and all the things that made their childhood innocent!

But the most empowering moment for me was this: since my sister passed away 6 years ago, I have kept several items of clothing belonging to my her. Clothes I could never bring myself to wear, but graced my wardrobe as a reminder of her life, her beauty and her existence. She had, after all touched that fabric, and it represented my last real contact with my big sister Sammy.
I could never bring myself to part with these items…until now!
For the first time ever, I knew why I had kept my sisters clothes and what where they were meant to go.
I knew that I wasn’t just dumping her clothes at a charity shop for any one to abuse; after all, these pieces of clothing signified her life, her style, her elegance, and for the first time ever, I knew she would be happy for me to let them go.

And so, this week, Tracy will be collecting over 8 boxes of clothes, shoes and toys for children and women that truly need them, and I will not feel guilty or doubtful, and most significantly, in those boxes will be my sisters clothes, and I will feel happy in the knowledge that she would be happy for me to let them go!

Today I feel empowered. Pay it forward….it’s worth more than any price tag or designer dress!

Here is the proof! x