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PT 1-2-1's


Tailored 1-2-1 fat loss & fitness programs carefully designed to achieve maximum results, and devised to meet clients exact requirements and goals.
Our bespoke PT packages deliver the highest level of results, catering for a diverse range of abilities and requirements. Specialising in Fat loss, functional fitness, Nutrition and sports specific training, we promise to provide programs that are enjoyable, fun and highly rewarding.


Our Bespoke service has been beneficial to many clients for a variety of reasons: fat loss, improved fitness, reduction of lifestyle induced illnesses, aesthetic improvements, reduced recovery time, sports endurance fuelling and more.
Our qualified nutritionist creates every individual plan to meet your exact needs and targets, based upon your body’s requirements and limitations, carefully devised to fit easily around your busy lifestyle, family and work commitments.  


Train with us where you feel happiest!
With our indoor training facility; Fitness Revolution and our private outdoor facility; Bootcamp Revolution, you can opt to train where you wish, or alternatively, we can come to your home or place of work. We make your workout as unique as you! 

Our concept of exercise is based on what the human body is physiologically designed to do, so we base all our workouts on functional exercises that will benefit you in every day life, while making you stronger, fitter, leaner and feel great!

A full nutritional assessment will be included and we base all our nutritional packages on our Eat Clean concept, all designed to achieve a healthier, fitter you and fuel your body the way it was meant to be.

Your first consultation will include various assessments including your body composition, fitness levels, lifestyle, nutrition, aims & goals.

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