(Why going back can help you move forward)


The human body is the most perfectly designed machine, but even with its complex mechanics, it has very basic requirements

Millions of years ago, the first model; man #1 had very few needs. Hunt, eat, sleep, repeat:

His brain and body were in an infant state, with only enough memory space for a basic set of skills and a limited range of functions, few of which  would come in helpful with Early mans chore list,

But as mankind progressed, so did our needs, and in turn so did our skill sets.

The rapid advancement in technology, travel, communication, entertainment, medicine; have all been instrumental in changing the way we live.

The simplistic needs, skills and intelligence of Man#1, has  been revised, extended and upgraded many times, over many thousands of years .

And so, we Introduce the fully loaded,  deluxe version of man, that although has an exterior with many similarities to our man mark#1, modern man is designed to remain upright, equipped with super speed brain functions, dexterous manual abilities and the ability to communicate at an advanced level.

Man #1 body was only designed to perform the most basic of manoeuvres and his brain, was allocated  just enough memory space to store a basic set of skills and a limited range of functions.

But as decades became centuries, and centuries became millenniums, mankind progressed and became equipped with a state of the art information storage centre, and because of mans increased intelligence, he also created a wide range of aids and technological gadgets to assist him

And with this, also came a rapid advancement in travel, communication, entertainment, medicine, weaponry;  which resulted in a drastic change in the way we live today.

This change allows us to do more things, in less time. From the moment we get up, we rush crazily through the day, multitasking as we juggle our careers, families and commitments, with precision, occasionally stopping to take a breath if we’re lucky!

It is increasingly apparent, that with all this technological help, we live life at break neck speed, simply in an attempt to fit everything in the 24 hours we’re allocated.

Can’t we just scrap the 24 hour clock and make each day a little longer? An extra hour, discreetly squeezed somewhere in the day? It’s only 60mins after all, and in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn’t make a big difference to the planet if we had 25 hour days!

But it would make a massive difference to our lives…….another hours sleep?! That would be nice!

An extra hour with the kids? Another 2 episodes of our favourite TV Show…..guilt free!

Well, with this blog, I’m going to give you a little gift, it’s not quite a whole hour, but you will discover how to cram your workout into a shorter time frame, while still gaining all the benefits


For any Obstacle racer, having a conditioned core is crucial for a lot of reasons!

If we’re all honest, most want a good core and killer Abs to look good in ‘THAT’ photo!

You know the one, that 6 pack rippling, Adrenaline spiking, bare fleshed moment captured on start lines across the world!

But, beyond the sexy photos, are the masses of health and fitness related reasons to bag yourself a good core!

So, what does it do??

Primarily, the core plays an integral part in the efficient mechanics used for human movement.

Running, for example, the foundation upon which all OCRs are based, is vastly improved when your core is at it’s peak strength!

The human core is the supportive centre of the torso, comprising of: lower back, abs, pelvis and hips, all of which work in sync when running.

As every step strikes the ground, kinetic energy travels from your foot, up your leg to your hamstring & the lower section of the body and back down the other leg.

A well conditioned core prevents any unnecessary movement or wasted energy, all while keeping the torso solid and powerful, reducing the risk of injury.

So what ever your reason for wanting to turn your core in to a Super Structure, we’ll show you how to get started!


The Kit:

A Car Tyre – Free, easy to store, range of sizes and weights with limitless exercises to target your strength, stamina, speed, endurance, balance and core.

What you’ll need: one car tyre – select a size that is suitable for your strength and height. It should be sufficient in size and weight to challenge you but not hurt you.

What to look for: ensure your tyre is safe – no exposed metal, no protruding nails or sharp objects

Where to get yours: most local car tyre outlets will be more than happy to give one away, especially if you explain why you require one, but please be sure to dispose of yours responsibly if and when you decide to upgrade to a larger model


Health notice: We recommend you seek the advice of your doctor before commencing any new fitness program.

Please ensure you warm up sufficiently before undertaking any exercises

Warm up:

> 5 minute jog to increase heart rate and prepare muscles.

> Star Jumps

> Heels to bum

> Sprint forwards 10 paces / jog backwards to start point

Perform each of the above exercises for the following amount of time

B: 30 second

I: 45 seconds

A: 60 seconds




Beginner: 20 minutes

Intermediate: 25 minutes

Advanced: 30 minutes


Start by Performing 1 Rep of each exercise, then 2 Reps of every exercises, increasing by 1 rep every full set, for the time scale shown, attempting to achieve as many sets of all exercises as possible.


Attempt to increase the SET count every time you repeat the workout


1: Tyre Slam


2: Burpee Tuck Jump


3: Side Tuck in


4: Over Head Touch


5: XBody Mountain climbers


6: Pendulum


7: Mule Kick


8: Tri Body Lift




With a strong, stabilised core also comes improved balance, coordination and range of movement. Studies have shown that by performing regular core exercises, certain areas of the brain (the Cerebellum) responsible for balance, spacial awareness, motor skills and coordination are stimulated. So, it’s a workout for your brain and your body!


By working your deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominis) you will not only strengthen your abs, resulting in a flatter stomach, which makes your body look and feel better but you will also be working the frontal section of your cores structure.


An astonishing 1 in 3 people suffer with moderate to severe back pain on a regular basis, That’s an incredibly high percentage, especially, when most cases can be rectified with a few simple postural alterations and a few core specific exercises.

Lower back pain is often experienced by those carrying extra weight/ body fat, so combining centimetre loss with a back strengthening exercise program, you will be less prone to lower back pain, experience a vastly improved range of spinal movement and feel less stressed and tense.

Simple equation:

Good core (Stabilised Back + less tension) = Better range of motion/Enhanced Flexibility


Core muscles are connected to the diaphragm (Transverse Abdominis muscles) and improve and enhance the inhale/exhale process.

If you can take in more oxygen, the heart can pump more blood, which has a positive impact on your endurance, stamina and recovery levels