Sorry, it’s not Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds….. it’s something even better!
Something guaranteed to hit the spot…..that secret weapon in our mission for the perfect body!

I hear two comments pretty regularly from my ladies, and they are….

“I really want to lose weight but tone up too! I don’t want ‘saggy’ bits!


“I DON’T want to bulk up and get muscular so I won’t do anything strength based and mostly cardio!!”  

Well here’s how to achieve your perfect figure, based on your natural physiological shape  and it’s the reason we get the amazing results we do at Bootcamp Revolution and Fitness Revolution!

So, it’s the body shape that’s fast becoming the ‘look’,  opted for by celebrities such as Rhianna, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz.

A beautifully balanced figure, with the tone and definition of the athletic figure while still portraying distinct feminine characteristics.
This female form of long, lean limbs, gently sculpted muscles, with enhanced, natural yet firm curves

This is a look that many women are aspiring to and if you’re one of them, I suggest you do weights first – this is due to the 2 main energy systems in the body!
> Glycogen
> Fat

By performing Weight exercises first, you deplete your glycogen stores (your body is happier to give this up first!!)
Then, as we all know, cardio is the best fat burner, so follow your weight based training with some HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) for best fat burning results!

As your body has no glycogen stores left to use after you’ve depleted it with strength training, it has no other option but to burn fat for the cardio!

Try to avoid pounding the pavement for long hours of running unless you’re training for a specific event as you’re better off running cross country on softer natural, ground as it’s less impactful on the joints and or with short burst cardio which burns higher amounts of fat, so if you are running or unable to attend one of our sessions, try quick fire sprints etc for best results!

This is why we get the awesome results I do!
And before you panic, and think weight training will have you looking like Arnie, don’t worry….. you only have a low level of testosterone in your body, so you won’t ‘bulk up’ like men do…..unless of course you start taking testosterone, but please ensure you buy a good razor to go with it 😉

Happy training everyone!!