A Shifting Trend!

Over the last year, I’ve witnessed a shifting trend!

Look in any magazine, and you’ll notice a rise in those adopting a new, athletic appearance; a body shape that is fast becoming the preferred sculpted look for celebrities such as Rhianna,  Cameron Diaz and Rita Ora!

And best of all, it’s a physique that promotes a positive body image!
Goodbye to the skeletal models,  who’s stick thin silhouettes,  drove our most vulnerable (teen girls) to starve themselves in an attempt to mimic the images which flooded the media!

But **insert fanfare here *** there’s none of that here – this fashionable new shape is achieved by eating a heathy, balanced diet combined with regular doses of strength training and cardio exercise!

The all new body design boasts a exterior that  exudes feminine elegance!
But don’t be fooled, for under this attractive outer layer, is a mighty foundation of lean muscle!

This womanly shape combines the tone and definition of a strong, athletic physique, while retaining and enhancing the curvy qualities of the female figure.

Lets embrace our gorgeousness and pump, pump, pump!!

PT Emz xx